The Red Red Robin goes bob bob bobbing along :-)

On Wednesday 17th June 2015, members of the ACS had a lovely day on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

Billed initially as a heritage trip – but once the sun rose over the yard arm and the ships grog ration was administered, any thoughts of heritage were soon forgotten as we all relaxed into a life on the water, chugging along at a sedate 3 miles per hour in the good ship “Red Robin”.

All safely delivered to the Wharf by Dave’s mini bus

Happy Cath !

Annie, Glen and Glyn ready to set sail , barely able to contain their excitement !

Some old bloke trying to hitch a lift – oops- sorry Richard – jump aboard !

Goytre Wharf is a 200 year old former industrial site, which, in later years transitioned into a Marina and Wharf for around 120 canal boats. There are some very impressive lime kilns at the site and a lovely cottage nestled down in the bottom of the area which, in days gone by, was the Weighman’s Cottage which housed the weighing machine used to weigh coal, limestone and other goods so that a Toll could be charged to the relevant company  for the use of the tramroad.
Nowadays the cottage is used as a rather picturesque holiday rental property .

This fact sheet about the canal is, although written for a younger audience, actually rather informative

And this link explains in a little more detail about the general history of the Wharf.

After some mandatory instructions about how to drive the boat safely from the team at the Wharf, ( “just give me the blooming keys will you, i’ve done it all before” )  we set sail, leaving behind the lovely setting that is Goytre Wharf.

Goytre Wharf
Goytre Wharf

“Machine Cottage” was formerly the  Weighman’s Cottage .

The “Dragon” on the slip way. No good to us though because it has no toilet

The Red Robin !
Ahh, here is our charge for the day – The Red Robin !

And we’re off !

In the capable hands of Captain Richard and First Mate Glyn, with navigator Dave, or Jack , or Phil – we never did get to the bottom of that one did we ?

What’s that up ahead ?

A Heron


Posing for the camera


Such a lovely setting.

Move to the right when passing is the law on the canal

All under control until Three Bells – then it was time for a change of Watch and it all went pear shaped  !
Able Seaman Annie threw us both overboard so she could have a go
And then all that
And then all that “Girl Power” stuff started ( yes of course you went through the bridge without touching the side dear – but the straight ones are easy, us men went through the ones on a bend)
And then it was a free for all .
Bosun Thomas managed to regain some control of the ship, and had the insurgents flogged to an inch of their lives
While Rodger the Cabin Boy proudly displays one of the shrunken trophy  heads from the Mutiny

By which time we had reached bridge 62 the mutiny had been quashed, all handbags had been retrieved and all heads returned to their rightful owners, it was time for dinner.

We did attempt to turn the boat around , but strangely enough- for some reason –  nobody could quite figure out how to do it any more …………..Best leave it till after dinner .



We managed to tie it up and all disembarked safely to walk the short distance to the Star Inn



Rectory Cottage sells some excellent honey

The Star Inn Mamhilad


After an excellent Dinner, it was time for an afternoon constitutional so a gentle amble around the churchyard of St Illtyd,s church yard.  St Illtyd’s church is thought to be of the 14th or 15th century but occupying the site of an earlier foundation church, possibly dating to the 6th century. The yew tree within it grounds is reportedly two to  three thousand years old.

Click this link to the Ancient Yew Web Page



Looking good for Three Thousand Years old .
Lovely Church – so tranquil

Sadly, it was time to return to the Wharf or risk losing our deposit on the boat if we did not return it before 5 PM,  so we weighed anchor, shivered several timbers, hoisted the Mizzen Mast and set out with a following wind to ye olde Goytree Wharfee, thankfully some of us had regained sufficient mental capacity to direct the pointy end of the boat  back in the general direction of Goytre by that time.

Tried to weigh Anchor but only had Stork unfortunately


Sitting in the front of the boat just listening to the steady chug chug chug of the engine – Superb !
yes dear, I did put that nice one in of us




So you managed to fish your hat out of the canal then Rich ?



Everybody enjoyed the day .
Sadly all too soon we were back at the boathouse
Cream tea is the order of the day

And with the Red Robin safely delivered back into the care of “Redline Boats” , it was time for a cream tea back at the Cafe.

Thanks all for watching- Till next year !

One thought on “The Red Red Robin goes bob bob bobbing along :-)

  1. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed following you on your journey… And thanks for the link to the Ancient Yew Group – Very interesting.

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