Sacred Sites Tour Report

Richard explaining the uses of Blackthorn to our walkers 

Saturday 24th November 2018 was the day we set aside  for our Sacred Sites Tour, led by the  indefatigable Richard Davies and ably supported by fellow members of the Ancient Cwmbran Society. 

The day started off  damp, misty and overcast with the threat of more persistent rain later on,  which unfortunately resulted in fewer attendees than  we would have hoped for  (once again proving to us that hundreds of  Facebook “Likes” do not equate to real boots on the ground )  however we were please to see many new faces, and were encouraged  that fifteen people were prepared to braved the inclement weather and come  on our  tour of Greenmeadow and Thornhill Woods, where Richard presented an impassioned thoroughly entertaining  tour of our archaeological dig sites which everyone seemed to enjoy.  As the weather deteriorated it was generally accepted that further discussion would be better suited to the consumption of hot beverages and biscuits back at Thornhill Community Center, to where our soggy band of explorers returned to  sit in relative comfort with hot tea and chocolate digestives to enjoy the remainder of Richards presentation. 

This  is known as the  “Banjo” area in Thornhill Woods . 
See section 6 in linked document for  details 

The Bronze Age Cist ( or burial site) in Greenmeadow Woods.

Members of the ACS excavating the Cist several years ago in better conditions 

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