Update September 2021.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for sticking with us through the ACS period of hibernation and lock down.

We are dusting off our trowels and creaking our old bones and getting back to work on the investigation of Cwmbran’s buried history.

Just the last 6,000 years of human occupation of this valley of Dewma (possibly meaning the Mother of God) as I believe Lord Hywell of Caerleon referred to it in 1179 AD, and of course our Mynydd Maen (Stone Mountain).

For over a decade we have been trying to understand the enigma of the walls, mounds of stone, walled well, stone lined springs and other large blocks of stone dotted across the woodlands and housing estates of Thornhill, Greenmeadow, St Dials and Fairwater.

Well my friends, I think we are finally beginning to get somewhere with the unraveling of this great mystery.

The Archaeological boffins of several Universities have come up with a new bit of tech, which is called

“Optically Stimulated Luminescence” .

Yeah, wow, a bit of a mouthful but don’t worry it’s also refereed to as OSL. which is fortunate for us less academic historical enthusiast’s.

It is all very exciting stuff .

This technique can date within a range when a stone was placed on the ground !!! I know outstanding ! isn’t it ! the possibilities are endless.

Anyway us ACS committee types thought we’ll have some of that, so we have commissioned Dr Tim Kinnaird of TV fame to come and do a bit of testing. We have already come up with some preliminary results of one area of walling which of course need to be confirmed with further testing. Butttt wait for it, it is showing a date between 100 to 300 AD, or about 1,800 years old. WOW!!! I mean WOW!!! that is old and it has massive connotations for the whole area, of course we need to do further testing but that is happening this month with results possibly before Christmas.

So watch this space people we may just be putting Cwmbran on the international Archaeological Map.

Kind regards to all,

Richard Davies Founder & Vice Chairman

Ancient Cwmbran Society.

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