The end is nigh !

Many of you, our loyal followers, have been with us since the ACS was formed some ten years ago with much fanfare and excitement.

We have done some great things over those ten years, we have brought about a sense of community in the area, explored our history, heritage and culture, entertained and educated, but eventually all good things must come to an end.

Our activity has been reduced over the past few years, partly due to increasing costs but mainly due to the measures put in place by the established archaeological profession which, to us, appear to have been put in place to make life difficult for small amateur archaeological societies to operate.

These measures have effectively stopped us performing any archaeological investigations affordable by a small organisation like ourselves.

The decision was made at our recent committee meeting to put the society into hibernate mode with a view to possible closure in time.

Our web sites will continue to be online until June 2020, our facebook page will be closing shortly.

The committee of the Ancient Cwmbran Society would like to thank all our past members, their families ( who have put up with a lot of muddy wellies), the experts we have met (and have been so grateful for their advice) the Academic community and the Council who were kind enough to let us dig on their land.

Best wishes from the ACS Committee Mike, Richard, Rodger, Glyn, Godfrey and Nigel .

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