Update June 2020

Well, it is a year since I last updated this web site, so I thought I write a little update because I know that you – our loyal followers- still follow these pages, possibly hoping for some news.

Well, the truth is that, sadly, the ACS is operational no longer, it exists in name only.

However, the friendships cultivated many tears ago, initially grown from a seed planted in the Cow Shed at the Community Farm some eleven years ago, watered by the rain we encountered on our investigations and fertilised by the rich alluvial soils we dug, persist and have flourished into something stronger.

Up until recent events put the world on hold, with an outbreak of a disease so virulent that it could bring society to its knees , our disparate bunch of former ACS committee members still met on a reasonably regular schedule for a chat, a coffee or something a little stronger.

In December 2019 we all met at the Greenhouse Public House for a lovely Christmas meal organised by Richard, and continued to have our monthly get-togethers at The Tamarind Bar and Restaurant until Covid 19 sent us all our separate ways.

During one of our social meetings, we decided to continue to fund the web site while funds are still available, so the good news is that this web site will continue for the next year, until March 2021 .

Will it continue beyond? I guess that will depend on the funds available and the interest in the content of the web site. I know for instance that one of our local schools has used our web pages to teach the kids about the history of the area, so we are still making a difference to the lives of people even if the Society is no longer active.

What I can tell you, is that even if we no longer fund the web site , I will try to move the content from our domain AncientCwmbran.co.uk to something where we no longer have to pay fees.

Even if this is not possible, you may not be aware that these is an excellent web site called the “WayBack Machine” which takes archive copies of web sites for posterity. As long as you know the URL of the website you need, you can see the content of a long gone site, provided it has been scanned by the web archive.

The wayback machine can be found here.


Thank you for taking the time to read this

Stay safe and well , wishing you all the best from The Ancient Cwmbran Society .


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